Chunky Vegetable Soup

A super satisfying chunky vegetable soup that will give you a hearty hug on a chilly day.

chunky vegetable soup in a bowl with a spoon served with buttered bread

This chunky vegetable soup recipe is packed full of delicious veggies, lentils and beans which makes it super filling and will leave you smiling from the inside out.

The benefits of homemade soup:

Soup is one of those brilliant recipes that can use up all those little bits and pieces of leftovers so nothing goes to waste. This chunky vegetable soup uses a wide selection of vegetables, but don’t be afraid to change or add anything based on what you have lurking in your fridge. It is by experimenting that you will find the flavours and textures you enjoy.

Not only does making your own soup help you use up leftovers or odd bits and pieces in your fridge, but it can also make a brilliant carb count free lunch for those days you may need it. You can control what goes in there so you know that there won’t be any hidden nasties.

Chunky vegetable soup:

This chunky vegetable soup is hearty, healthy and super easy to make. It just requires a little chopping, boiling the kettle and opening a couple of tins in preparation. A little bit of effort will deliver great rewards with a super delicious soup and is another great way of getting lots of goodness inside of you.

chunky vegetable soup in two bowls served with bread and butter

This recipe has it all, beans and lentils for added fibre and protein, plenty of vitamins and minerals and the leafy greens add that extra bit of iron.

What you will need for chunky vegetable soup:

  • Olive oil
    • One of my favourites
    • Rich in healthy monounsaturated fats
  • Leek or onions
    • Bring an essential flavour and gentle sweetness
    • Frozen chopped onions work brilliantly as well
  • Celery
    • Offers a delicate flavour brilliant in stocks, casseroles and soups
  • Carrots
    • You can’t beat their vibrant orange colour which is packed with beta carotene so super good for you as well
    • They are nutrient-dense, which means they contain a wealth of essential nutrients.
  • Tinned tomatoes
    • When heated they release more antioxidants.
    • They are a brilliant source of the antioxidant lycopene, which has been linked to many health benefits
    • Also a great source of vitamin C and K
  • Tinned Beans in water
    • A store cupboard staple as they are a great source of protein, fiber, are low GI and low in saturated fat
    • Also brilliant for cheaply bulking out any dish
    • I used cannelini beans
  • Red lentils
    • Great for adding an extra protien and fiber punch
    • Also another versatile ingredientt for bulking out stews, sauces and soups
  • Vegetable Stock cubes
    • Basis of any great soup
  • Cabbage /Leafy Greens
    • Packed with nutrients and great for digestion

Diabetes Note

A no-carb count soup that is perfectly filling thanks to the added beans and lentils. However, I think it’s even better with some crusty bread for soaking up the delicious broth.

Chunky Vegetable Soup

Chunky Vegetable Soup

A super satisfying chunky vegetable soup that will give you a hearty hug on a chilly day.

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  • 1 Large Carrot, halved lengthways and then chopped

  • 2 Stalks Celery halved lengthways and then chopped

  • 1 Leek or medium onion – finely chopped

  • 1 Can Cannellini/butter/kidney beans

  • 1 Can Tinned tomatoes

  • 500 ml Vegetable stock

  • 75 g Red lentils

  • 500 g leafy greens like cavolo nero/kale – chopped


  • In a deep pan heat a little oil and add the carrots, celery and onion. Stir and with the pan lid on leave it to sweat on a gentle heat for around 10 minutes.
  • Remove lid and add the tin of beans with the water, tinned tomatoes, red lentils and vegetable stock and water. Give it a good stir, replace the lid and simmer on a gentle heat for 10 minutes.
  • Lastly, add your leafy greens and season to taste. Give it all a good stir again, replace the lid and leave to simmer for a further 10 minutes.
  • Serve with bread and a good glug of chilli sauce such as tabasco or Cholula for an extra kick

Tips and Notes

  • Vegetable stock – instead of making up the vegetable stock, I simply add the stock cube to the pan and then fill my cans up with water and pour them in. Not only does this save washing up a jug if I was to make up the stock but it also does the job of washing out my cans ready for the recycle bin.
  • If you want an extra protein kick then why not add some shredded cooked chicken or Quorn fillet pieces.
  • Diabetes note – Carb count free soup if you don’t have to count for beans and lentils

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