Mexican Chipotle Kidney Beans – 3 Ingredients

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This easy, only 3 ingredients, Mexican kidney beans recipe makes a tasty addition to any wrap, burrito or taco. Loaded with nutrition and flavour they are sure to become a regular at your Mexican night!

mexican chipotle kidney beans in a bowl

These Mexican chipotle beans are such a quick, easy and nutritious side to whip up. Using only 3 ingredients, in under 5 minutes can you enjoy these delicious beans in your tacos, tortillas, and even in your breakfast and lunchtime wraps.

Why you should try this Mexican Kidney Beans Recipe

If you aren’t convinced yet by the fact that this recipe only uses 3 ingredients, takes 5 minutes and is mouthwateringly good then here are a few other incentives for you.

Beans (along with a lot of plant-based foods) play a really big part in our diet. They are full of fibre, plant protein and best of all are a slow-release starchy carb that doesn’t impact blood glucose levels. This means that beans are a free food that doesn’t have to be (diabetic) carb counted.

And if you are interested in learning more about other brilliant plant based, slow-release, whole foods then read my blog on HOW TO EAT MORE PLANTS!

In this recipe, I use chipotle paste which is quite possibly one of my favourite flavours. It has an intensely smokey richness that just adds a wonderful depth and taste to so many dishes.

Chipotle paste is very easy to find in UK supermarkets. Most sell their own branded versions, which I have found to be tasty but far less spicy. However, if you are looking for a paste with a bit more kick then try the Mexican chipotle paste by Gran Luchito

mexican chipotle kidney beans in a bowl

What you will need to make Mexican Chipotle Kidney Beans

  • Kidney Beans
    • Have a low Glycaemic Index. which means that digestion takes longer and causes a lower rise in blood glucose levels.
    • High in fibre, protein and are a good source of vitamins and minerals
  • Chipotle Paste
    • A smoked jalapeno pepper paste
    • Full of rich smokiness and subtle spice
  • Lime
    • Adds a delicious Zesty Zing

How to make Mexican Kidney Beans

This is quite possibly the tastiest and easiest side dish you could make. Plus it’s (diabetic) carb count free, kind on blood glucose levels. gluten-free and good for both vegetarians and vegans.

Start by rinsing your kidney beans. Then in a saucepan heat a little olive oil and add your beans. Once they are starting to warm through add your chipotle paste.

Stir well and heat through for a couple more minutes. Take the beans off the heat and then squeeze in your lime juice. Mix well again and serve.

Serving Suggestions for the Mexican Chipotle Kidney Beans

This side dish is incredibly versatile and is a great way to elevate your Mexican inspired dishes. They are also tasty served hot or cold. Here are some of the ways we enjoy these tasty Mexican chipotle beans:

  • Add them to Burritos or Tacos – They are a wonderful addition to your Mexican nights and taste even better when paired with some SLOW COOKED CHIPOTLE CHICKEN as well.
  • Elevate a salad lunchtime wrap – in a wholewheat tortilla spread a little cream cheese add lots of fresh salad like leaves, cucumber, peppers and tomato. Top with the Mexican beans and a sprinkle of cheese. Wrap and enjoy!
  • Use them as a topping in my high-protein breakfast taco
  • Stir the beans through some cooked wholegrain rice to boost the flavours in your rice sides
high protein breakfast taco

How to store any leftover Beans

These will keep for 3-4 days in the fridge. So they can even be made in advance

You can eat them cold, straight from the fridge or gently heat them again in the microwave or on the hob.

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Diabetes Note

A brilliant side dish without any of the carb counting requirements. (as long as you don’t have to carb count for legumes)

There is normally a little sugar in the chipotle paste, but the amount, when divided per serving, is so small we don’t bother to count it. However, as always you know best what to count for.

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Mexican Chipotle Kidney Beans

Mexican Chipotle Kidney Beans

Recipe by Michelle

This easy, only 3 ingredients, Mexican kidney bean recipe makes a tasty (diabetic) carb count free addition to any wrap, burrito or taco.

Course: SidesCuisine: British MexicanDifficulty: Very Easy
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  • 1 tin 1 red kidney beans

  • 2 tsp 2 chipotle paste

  • 1 1 lime, squeezed


  • Start by rinsing your kidney beans under some cold water.
  • Then in a saucepan, on a high heat, warm a little olive oil and add your beans
  • Once they are starting to warm through add your chipotle paste. Stir well and heat through for a couple more minutes.
  • Finally, take the beans off the heat and then squeeze in the lime juice. Mix well again and serve.


  • Saucepan

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