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Hello and thank you for visiting Whole Hearty Kitchen.

This blog is about sharing great but yet simple recipes, tips and the odd ramblings from a parent to a type 1 teenager. The overall aim of the food I share here is to offer no-frills, convenient and sometimes alternative options to support and help balance blood glucose management.

In my house alone I have to cater for a diabetic, vegetarian and gluten/wheat intolerant tummy, which at times can be quite tricky. Even the dog gets in on the action with a being grain-free and having an exceptionally sensitive tum!

Oh and here he is! Our beloved schnauzer! But I am definitely not looking to start finding alternatives and recipes for our furry friend. With this one, I am just going to have to go with the flow!

Why did I decide to start a blog about the food we enjoy?

The idea for Whole Hearty Kitchen has been simmering away for several years. I love cooking and always wanted to share this in some way but could never really decide on how. Well, that was until the summer of 2020, after a sudden change in my family circumstances. My eldest daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and I can honestly say it has changed us as a family in many ways.

As a mother, I felt really lost and quite frankly useless. This thing has happened to us out of the blue, made my daughter really unwell and worse of all I can’t do anything to fix it! On top of that, all of a sudden food and cooking became a little scary.

However, after a period of time of reading, researching and trying to understand more about diabetes, I came to the realisation that food was an area that made me feel like I could claw back some control and help my daughter manage this lifelong condition.

So what is Type 1 Diabetes?

For those that don’t know anything about type 1 diabetes (which was me not so long ago), it is when our bodies stop being able to naturally produce insulin. We need insulin to break down the glucose produced from carbohydrates to release it into our bodies cells. Without insulin, the glucose stays in our blood cells which is dangerous and causes lots of serious complications.

What about food?

Food awareness, balance, meal planning and home cooking can all play a role in helping to manage diabetes. But more importantly, it can help to make food less scary and enjoyable again!

For me its all about:

  • Balance
  • No food is off limits (unless you don’t like it!)
  • Joy in food

I was already used to adapting meals for the other tummies in our household (a vegetarian and wheat/ gluten intolerant) so, adding diabetes management into the mix seemed like another challenge I should take on.

So with a little adaptation, lots of trial and error, I am learning ways to make life easier in the kitchen without feeling like we have to compromise on the food we eat.

Whole Hearty Kitchen is my way of being able to share some of the things I have learnt, some of the things I have tried or changed as well as bringing you easy, delicious meal ideas.

I really hope that you will find Whole Hearty Kitchen a helpful tool for your own journey in the kitchen too!

Michelle 💙x

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Thank you for visiting Whole Hearty Kitchen.

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