Easy overnight oats recipe with frozen fruit

Tired of rushed mornings and sugary breakfasts and looking for something delicious, nutritious, and kind to your blood sugar? Then look no further than these Easy Overnight Oats with Frozen Fruit!

overnight oats with frozen berries on a spoon

Morning can be a hectic time for us all, particularly when you’re trying to get the kids out of the house and on time. But it can feel even more chaotic when you’re living with diabetes with that never-ending focus on your blood sugars. It can also be tricky to find the right breakfast that works for you but these budget-friendly and tasty frozen fruit overnight oats could be the answer you’ve been looking for. 

Before discovering oats breakfast was a real challenge for us. Cereal was a carb nightmare and would send blood sugars soaring, and skipping breakfast is just not an option, particularly with a growing teen prone to hangry episodes. Then, I stumbled upon overnight oats, which was a game-changer for both of us.

Why this is a great Recipe

This creamy overnight oats recipe is an absolute budget-friendly winner, requiring just a handful of ingredients that won’t break the bank. Plus, it’s the ultimate effortless solution. Prep it the night before and wake up to a delicious, nutrient-packed and high-in-fibre breakfast that will keep you going all morning.

This recipe is:

  • Easy to make
  • Gluten-free  – Use certified gluten-free oats
  • Vegan if you substitute with plant-based milk and yoghurt
  • Diabetes-friendly
  • Packed with nutrients and loads of fibre
  • Full of flavour
  • Perfect for meal prep
  • Adaptable to your taste
overnight oats with frozen berries in a mason jar topped with nuts, seeds and fresh berries

Why Oats and Frozen Fruit are Great for Diabetes Management

Oats: These fibre superstars are low on the glycemic index (around 50-55 depending on what type you choose). They release their sugars slowly into your bloodstream which helps to prevent blood sugar spikes. Plus, they’re rich in beta-glucan, a soluble fibre linked to improved blood sugar control and insulin sensitivity.

Frozen Fruit: They pack a punch of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants without the added sugar found in some flavoured yoghurts or breakfast cereals. The freezing process even intensifies certain antioxidant properties, making them a true nutritional powerhouse. Plus they are a budget-friendly way to enjoy your favourite fruit all year round

However, I am aware that oats can be tricky for some managing diabetes and we have definitely had periods where they have been tricky for us to get the bolusing right. All I would say is to persevere and find the right strategy for you as the health benefits and satisfaction make them well worth teh extra effort!

But this recipe isn’t just for diabetics! 

Anyone seeking quick, healthy, delicious make-ahead breakfasts will love the versatility and ease of preparation. Here’s what makes these overnight oats so worth it:

  • Ready in Minutes: Prep the oat mixture the night before, and wake up to a creamy oatmeal breakfast waiting for you! No more rushed mornings or unhealthy choices.
  • Endless Flavor Combinations: Mix and match your favourite frozen fruit and berries, try different plant-based milk like almond milk, soy milk and even coconut milk and even add a scoop of protein powder for an extra boost. 
  • Adaptable for Dietary Needs: This recipe is naturally gluten-free with certified gluten-free oats, and easily made vegan with plant-based milk and yogurt.
  • Meal Prep Magic: Whip up a big batch on Sunday night and portion it out into mason jars for a perfect make-ahead breakfast throughout the busy week.

What Oats should you use in overnight oat recipes?

close up of oats

In overnight oat recipes, it’s best to use old-fashioned rolled oats (well that’s my personal preference). They absorb liquid well and soften overnight, creating a creamy texture. however ultimately, the best oats to use for your recipe are:

  • The ones you enjoy most! Experiment with different textures and flavours.
  • Compatible with your dietary needs. Choose gluten-free oats if needed
  • Fits your lifestyle. If time is tight, rolled oats offer a good balance.

When it comes to the “healthiest” oat for your overnight oats recipe, there’s not a single definitive answer! Each type offers unique qualities, and ultimately, the “best” one depends on your individual preferences and priorities. Here’s a breakdown of the main available types of oats:

Steel Cut Oats or Pinhead & Course Oats:

  • Arguably the “healthiest” of all the oats due to the minimal processing and they retain the most fibre and nutrients
  • However, they need to be cooked or left to soak before using and they will require more liquid. They also result in a chewier texture.

Rolled Oats or Old-Fashioned Oats:

  • They are a good middle ground between health and convenience as they are minimally processed, retain a good fibre content, and cook faster than steel-cut oats.
  • My preference is to buy organic rolled oats as they have fewer chemicals and pesticides.

Quick Oats

  • They cook or absorb liquid the fastest but are more processed and potentially have a higher glycemic index, which might not make them the ideal choice when considering blood sugar management

Instant Oats:

  • These are the least desirable option as they are they are the most processed, often containing added sugars and sodium.

Considerations for Type 1 Diabetes:

  • Glycemic Index: Since managing blood sugar is crucial, consider the glycemic index (GI) of each oat type. Steel-cut and rolled oats generally have lower GI than quick oats.
  • Fibre Content: Opt for oats with higher fibre content, as it slows down digestion and sugar absorption, benefiting blood sugar control. Steel-cut and rolled oats win again!

Ingredients needed for Overnight Oats with Frozen Berries

ingredients for frozen fruit overnight oats

Rolled Oats

  • minimally processed, high in fibre with a low glycemic index of around 55

Frozen Berries

  • Packed with essential vitamins, antioxidants, and fibre
  • Their natural sweetness elevates the oatmeal
  • I used a combination of Raspberries and Blueberries

Chia Seeds

  • Notably higher in fibre than in protein which aids in digestion stabilising blood sugars and promotes a feeling of fullness
  • Also rich in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants

Ground Flax seeds

  • Boasting high levels of omega-3 fatty acids and fibre

Greek Yoghurt

  • Packed with protein, calcium, probiotics, and vitamins, making it a versatile and beneficial addition to a balanced diet

Favourite milk

  • Use your milk of choice for another calcium and nutritional hit

Equipment Needed

Mason Jar or Airtight Container

Spatula / Mixing spoon

Measuring Spoon

Weighing Scales

How to make overnight oats with frozen fruit

With just a few simple ingredients this is the easiest breakfast to make ahead for busy mornings

  1. In a mason jar or airtight container, combine the rolled oats chia seeds, flaxseeds, yoghurt and milk
  2. Top with the frozen fruit and stir well.
  3. Refrigerate overnight or for at least 4 hours.
  4. The next morning, give it a good stir and enjoy!
overnight oats with frozen fruit on a spoon

Recipe Tips and Substitutions

  • For thicker oats, use less milk or add extra chia seeds, hemp seeds or ground flaxseed.
  • Don’t have frozen fruit, then fresh fruit works too, but adjust the liquid amount as needed since fresh fruit releases more water. Why not try my delicious Stewed Apple Overnight Oats
  • Experiment with different flavours by adding spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, or ginger for a flavour boost.
  • Make it a complete nutritious breakfast by adding a sprinkle of chopped nuts, granola, or even a drizzle of dark chocolate!
  • Swirls through some nut or seed butter to add a little healthy fat which can also help to stabilise blood sugars. My favourite is a good dollop of peanut butter!
  • Use your Fruit of Choice – Try tropical fruits like mango and pineapple with coconut milk for a tropical twist
  • Not sweet enough? – Add a little maple syrup or sweetener like my Simple Sugar Free Syrup
  • Top with extra fruit and sprinkle of nuts and seeds

Diabetes Note 

This easy overnight oats recipe is more than just an easy and delicious breakfast but it ticks all the boxes for a diabetes-friendly lifestyle. With its endless customisation options and convenience factor, you’ll be reaching for this recipe again and again.

Carb Counting 

The overall carb count for these individual overnight oats with frozen fruit, based on the ingredients we would count for is:

  • 50g of rolled oats (Flahavans) = 32g of carbs
  • 40g frozen Raspberries = 2g of carbs
  • 40g frozen Blueberries = 3.6g of carbs
  • 80g Greek yoghurt (Fage 5%) = 2.4g of carbs
  • 120ml milk (Semi-skimmed cows milk) = 6g of carbs

Now add all the carbs together – 32+2+3.6+2.4+6 = 46g of carbs per portion

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Easy overnight oats recipe with frozen fruit

Easy overnight oats recipe with frozen fruit

Recipe by Michelle

Try these easy overnight oats with frozen fruit! Budget-friendly, effortless, blood sugar friendly,packed with nutrients & flavour!

Course: BreakfastCuisine: BritishDifficulty: Very Easy
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  • 50 g 50 rolled oats

  • 80 g 80 frozen fruit

  • 15 g 15 chia seeds

  • 15 g 15 ground flaxseeds

  • 80 g 80 Greek yoghurt

  • 120 ml 120 milk of choice


  • In a mason jar or airtight container, combine the rolled oats chia seeds, flaxseeds, yoghurt and milk
  • Top with the frozen fruit and stir well.
  • Refrigerate overnight or for at least 4 hours.
  • The next morning, give it a good stir and enjoy!


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